Technology Park Infrastructure, Wiltshire

The client was seeking a contractor to lead the installation of a major services infrastructure package to the development of a 660 acre redundant airfield into a major research and technology park in Wiltshire.

Tercon were awarded the contract under an ICC Infrastructure Conditions contract form to design and deliver the infrastructure in a civils led arrangement.

As parts of the site were already live and under high security arrangements, with other site areas occupied by live construction projects, extensive coordination and planning was required with all stakeholders at every stage.

Client changes needed to be managed through the supply chain of services specialists with close control of interfaces at each stage and careful monitoring of costs.

Key elements of work

  • Services installed below ground in 8,000m of combined service trenches and associated civil works to access, bases and foundations
  • Power; 12,200m of high voltage cables installed, six HV substations, intake connections, 3,700m of low voltage cables and back-up power generation
  • Water; 6,700m of potable and hydrant water mains installed, a large sunken concrete caisson containing potable and hydrant water reservoirs with back-up pumping systems installed
  • Gas 570m gas mains installed in trenches with connections to mains and regulators
  • Data and communications; 45,900m of blown fibre optic systems across the network of substations, pumps and BEMS systems laid in over 46,000m of installed below ground ducts

Project Details


Weybourne Group




Infrastructure Main Contractor

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