Household Waste Reuse & Recycling Centre, Avonmouth

The project included the demolition of the existing ground level facility for the recycling of household waste and construction of a raised access system  incorporating a dedicated Reuse Centre.

The innovative precast system imported from a Belgium specialist was pre-ordered by the client meaning a very tight programme to get the foundations ready for these to be placed had to be achieved.

Existing drains and services needed to be diverted prior to construction including refurbishment of a failed foul water pumping station and system.

The works were completed within the live waste transfer depot which remained active throughout our period on site. Close coordination was required with the  users, designer, client and Belgian precast specialist.

Key elements of work

  • 3000m2 of existing hard surfaces broken out and crushed for reuse as capping
  • 93 driven piles up to 20m deep and 184m3 of reinforced concrete in groundbeams
  • 3030m2 of reinforced concrete yards and 1095m2 of permeable block paving for staff car parking with SUDS storage
  • Refurbishment of existing pumping station and over 400m of new drainage installed with 200m of Aco drain channels
  • New street lighting system
  • Steel palisade perimeter boundary fencing and entrance gates
  • Electrical fitting out of new shop within precast structures

Project Details


Bristol Waste Company




Civil Engineering Main Contractor

Project Gallery

Household Waste Reuse Recycling Centre Avonmouth
Household Waste Reuse Recycling Centre Avonmouth 2
Household Waste Reuse Recycling Centre Avonmouth 3